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Hello, I'm Anna the real-sized lady behind Little Heidi's Homes.

I'm a self-taught miniaturist, with a passion for DIY.  I started building my own 12th scale miniatures almost 11 years ago, borrowing my dad's stock of balsa wood meant for his model aircraft making. I now run Little Heidi's Homes in snippets of time alongside being a fulltime primary school teacher.

I began offering Little Suitcase Homes for sale in late 2019, after stumbling on a fabulous online miniature community. It is so exciting to see these homes treasured by little ones and adults alike around the world. This little store now offers you my original miniatures and handpicked little wonders from other makers.

Who is Little Heidi?

On my 9th birthday, my grandad revealed a 4-storey dollhouse he'd built just for me. The occupant: Little Heidi, a small doll bought a few years later during a family holiday in Austria. This house remains a treasure and Little Heidi became the inspiration for my new mini adventure. 

My Little Home

I live in the English countryside with two mischievious cats and one coffee-gulping partner. From here, I lovingly create and collect miniatures, sending them to new homes all around the world. You can follow my mini adventures, including my own dolls house renovations, on Instagram @_littleheidishomes. I'd love for you to say hello.

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